Schools & Nurseries

Majik Bunnie has listened to teachers and parents, and after researching the points that arose, developed an engaging series of stories.

These stories have proved highly successful in addressing important social issues and the problems that young children face.   The success is borne out by the continued high level of referrals and re-bookings form the Primary Schools and Nurseries.

Teachers often use the service as a platform for developing themes featured in the stories, in their own classrooms.

Themes such as:

The service includes a Stage Set, PA System, Lights, colouring books and crayon packs about the stories for all the children. These colouring books have been greatly appreciated as teaching aids to enhance the topics covered. Majik Bunnie Storytelling Sessions include Music, Song and Dance with plenty of interaction from the children to make the visit imaginative and exciting.

It’s a special day when Majik Bunnie comes to your Nursery or Primary School, teachers and children all enjoy the visit, and look forward to the next one!

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